Friday, March 26, 2010

Star Fox: Super Weekend Review!

Here's my review of the Star Fox Super Weekend cart from Nintendo. I got it years ago from Nintendo Power magazine and with all the talk about Stadium Events, I thought I'd check out some of my more rare and unique games.

Hey kids, kinda busy getting ready for family this weekend, so I thought I'd throw a video up here on the site that I did for our friends over at Video Game Trader Magazine. Since I had my SNES out to record home port reviews, I thought I'd check out my Super Weekend cart because it's one of my more unique games in my collection. I almost got the Donkey Kong Country Blockbuster cart, but I'm more of a Star Fox fan so I saved my money and didn't bother with it.

There's some big news out of PAX East that Hydro Thunder is making a return to XBox Live Arcade, can't wait to check it out. If I see any video footage, I'll make a new edit. I also had the chance to play H2O Overdrive when I was in the city for the Tron Legacy event, so I might loop them in with impressions and any video. More sequel news is there is King of Fighters XIII. Mai, King and Yuri are making returns and there are a lot of blank character spots. Hopefully SNK/Playmore will deliver on what they promised in the last game. I didn't even bother after with XII after hearing so many bad reviews. I hope they'll bring Oswald from XI back, he was friggin' cool!

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  1. Wow, it's cool that you have such a rare game. My cousin played in this competition. He just got a t-shirt for playing.