Saturday, April 24, 2010

Street Fighter 1 Review!

Today I'm going to try to get Super Turbo out today and Street Fighter IV on Monday. I got a new 360 from Microsoft last week so I'm good to go for SSFIV this Tuesday. Going to give it a good day's worth of playtime, online and off, and try to get a video review of it out by the weekend. If nobody updates during this week, I'll post with my impressions about the game to have something to read.

I'm still going to review the rest of the Street Fighter games I own, with the exception of SvC Chaos because I don't feel like taking out my giant beast of an XBox and I'm 99% certain that the game isn't backwards compatible with the 360. But when the time comes I'll do a quick text review if your interested.

So stay tuned here and I'm going to try to get Super Turbo out tonight and be sure to drop a comment with your name on Live if you'd like to play some SSFIV. I'm going to need good people to get online matches on video. So keep it here I should have the video out tonight.

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