Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Street Fighter Alpha 2 SNES Review

Here is my review of the Super Nintendo version of Street Fighter Alpha 2. For some reason the end got cut off, but it was just the credits. I'll be back soon with a look at my PS1 Street Fighter games!


  1. Nick,

    Did you leave a comment on a CNN article about the video game that was recently sold for $30,000+? The commment mentioned Star Fox Weekend as the rarest game they owned and I thought you had it??? Anyway I was just curious!

    Enjoying the Street Fighter series.


  2. Super Weekend's a rare cart, but nowhere near 30,000 bucks. I did see one of the many articles they posted about the really expensive carts, but I didn't see Star Fox listed. I did see the Donkey Kong Country one listed at number 10.

    Whenever I see a Super Weekend cart it usually goes upwards to 250 dollars, unless the price somehow skyrocketed.