Tuesday, June 8, 2010

June 8th Update

Since I left some stuff out of the video because I didn't feel like rambling on and going over the 10 minute limit, here's some of what I have to say with the tournament this year.

As I said, we wanted to actually play in the tournament this year and it was worth it to see how we ranked with everybody else. It truly was the "What the...." tournament. Every year the ACAM staff picks a selection of games many people don't often play. So you really need to be on your toes when they have to play.

The Manufacturer's Challenge was really odd. Universal was the company this year and excluding Ladybug and Cheeky Mouse all of the games were brand new additions to the museum. NOVA 2001 was my favorite of the five games, it plays a little bit like Robotron where you get attacked from all sides and have to shoot everything away. Problem is the joystick has a button on the top to hold you ship's position. The stick kept breaking so I didn't get to play it as much as I would have liked. Cheeky Mouse I've played before, it's like the Game and Watch Vermin where you have to smack mice trying to take your food, nothing special. The next game was Cosmic Alien. Pretty much, the game was a clone of Galexian. Swarms of enemies swoop down and you have to shoot them. Aliens in motion are worth more points then ones in formation.

But then there was Cosmic Avenger. Oh lord. How we all HATE this game. Ever play Super Cobra, or Scramble? Well take that and suck all of the fun out of it and you've got Cosmic Avenger. It's an old style shooter but unlike Scramble where you can shoot multiple times and the controls are great, you can only shoot one shot at a time and your ship controls slower then shit. You get constantly bombarded by missiles and tanks on the ground, then to make things even more fun, you get a crazy UFO that flies twice as fast as you and also shoots twice as fast. I think I may have gotten 4,000 points max on it.

One other game by Universal, not in the challenge was the VERY rare Mr. Do's Wild Ride. I'm pretty sure it was to be included in the tournament, but because it took them so long to get the game working, they ended up just having it on the side Saturday night for people to play. The joystick was a little wonkey but it was cool getting to play such a rare game.

Tomorrow I'll be working on editing a video together of all the new/old games that were added in at Funspot as well as a new Space Harrier video AND Nathan beating Space Harrier as well!


  1. Hey great meeting you Nick. The website for the New England collectors is www.neacf.com

    Again let me know the next time your up, I'll give you a little tour of my small personal gameroom.


  2. Sup Nick,

    It was great to meet you at Funspot and listen to some of your stories. Your passion for the classics is awesome. Sorry I didn't get to say later, I looked for you Friday night at close, but couldn't find you. I had to bug out and get back home. Keep up the good work.