Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Pocket Fighter Review

Here's my review of Pocket Fighter AKA Super Gem Fighter Mini Mix off of the Street Fighter Alpha Anthology on the Playstation 2!

Also a little bit of Street Fighter news regarding Super for the Arcades. It sounds like Capcom might be showing the game off in a few weeks at a Japanese arcade show. The rumors are sounding like there will be balance changes and six new characters. The newest issue of the Japanese arcade game magazine Arcadia shows an image of a blurred out skateboard and a pair of Rollerblades which can only mean Yun and Yang from SFIII maybe coming to the game. Top that off with the other rumors that Alex from SFIII and Rolento from Final Fight might also be in the game. I'm thinking the second two might be R.Minka and I'm still holding out hope for Karin. SSFIV's producer Ono-San has been very vocal about wanting R.Minka in the game because he likes the character and I'm thinking Karin because he's been answering a lot of Twitter questions on people asking for Karin. Then again Charlie/Nash might also be in the game.

Looks like we'll have to wait n' see. As always whenever I hear anything I'll post it here.

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