Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Brooklyn Pinball Championships

Hey everybody. Nick here with the video I shot at the Brooklyn Pinball Championships. As I said before, the Williamsburg section of Brooklyn gets it when it comes to adding brews and games. The Satellite Lounge has eight great tables I was able to get footage of almost all of them. For some reason the video I shot of Monster Bash was corrupt, so sadly I couldn't put the footage I shot in the video, but the rest of the games are there.

I would like to thank Steve Bowden for his extra pinball music links. Trying to find music from 90's Williams games has been a chore. I don't want to have the same music every time I go to a pinball related event, so these will help out!

Hope you guys enjoy the video!

1 comment:

  1. Great shots! I'd love to get my hands on starship troopers. Haven't heard of that one before.