Friday, January 7, 2011

MvC3 News and More!

Keeping up with the Marvel Vs. Capcom 3 news here's the newest trailers for the two new characters being added into the game! Mayor Mike Haggar and Phoenix!

The Mayor of Metro City has a ton of moves straight from Final Fight. He looks like he can dish out a ton of damage. I love how they added in a pipe that he can swing for extra range. His Level 3 Hyper Combo looks insane. I can't wait to try him out.

Phoenix sounds like she's going to be VERY interesting. She looks like a bit of a rush down character and to me a little bit of KoF's Athena and a little Psylock, but it's her "Dark Phoenix" mode that sounds really crazy. If you have a full five level super meeter and Phoenix dies, she comes back as Dark Phoenix. An insanely powerful version of her that has fireballs coming out of nearly every attack she does. There comes a catch though. When you become Dark Phoenix your heath constantly goes down till she burns out. I can see her being used a lot.

G4 has a new interview on their site with Capcom's Seth Killian explaining the two new characters. You can watch it here.

They've also changed the X-Factor in the current build of the game. When I played MvC3 at the New York Comic Con you pretty much used X-Factor for a damage boost and it would regenerate your red health. Now not only does it all of that, but it also returns your character to a neutral stance so you can pretty much do two level 1 hyper combos. The more characters you have in your party, the less time and damage you get. So you can use it early to keep a combo going or if you need it to heal your roster and give you some extra power. Just make sure you find the best time to use it because you only get one per match.

One last bit of MvC3 news. A website online had an "advance review" of the game and they might have leaked another character. Akuma. I think it's fitting that they added him into the roster if the rumor is true. If you go way back to when X-Men Children of The Atom came out Akuma was a hidden character in the game. So I think having in MvC3 is a nice touch. I hope one of his costumes will be "Cyber Akuma" from Marvel Super Heroes Vs. Street Fighter. He was a cheap bastard.

All I can say is February 15th can't come soon enough. I've already preordered the special edition from Capcom Direct. I will have a full review of the game in the following weeks after the game's release. Here's hoping that Capcom will bring it to the arcades once again for the fans that have kept Marvel Vs. Capcom 2 going strong for over ten years.

Now we have a very special announcement! A brand new arcade will be opening next week in New Hampshire! For a while now Sara St. John from MyArcadeRepair.Com has been helping out at Funspot during the past arcade tournaments. Now she has finally opened up her own arcade with 200 plus arcade games and over 70 pinball tables! This has also gotten covered over on Kotaku as well as Arcade Heroes and you can read the article here.

We here at Arcade Hunters wish Sara and her husband the best of luck for their new arcade and we hope to bring you an Arcade Hunters episode from Pinball Wizard Arcade in the future!

So till next time, this is Nick saying have a great weekend and I'll see you back here next weekend!

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