Wednesday, March 9, 2011

DoDonPachi Resurrection iOS Review

Hey kids, Nick here filling in for Sarge on the midweek update. Today I've got a new Arcade Home Port that you can play on your favorite iOS device, it's Cave's DoDonPachi Resurrection! It's bullet hell fun in the palm of your hands! Many people will scoff at the price being almost ten dollars but Cave's gone the extra mile with this port. Not only do you get the arcade 1.5 mode but you get a brand new iPhone Mode that has new power ups, a new ship and brand new music. The music is so good Cave even released a CD Soundtrack that you can buy off their site. (They ship internationally)

That's it for today, but stay tuned later in the week. We're in talks with people about an upcoming game and I will (hopefully) be attending Stern Pinball's Rolling Stones Launch Party in New York City!


  1. All of the Cave iOS ports are awesome. I managed to get them all when they hit the first week or so @ $4.99 :)

  2. You'll like the Stones game, Nick. Played it last week in Chicago at the Stern factory, which was awesome.

    Also, I'm told CTF's new location is near the Verrazano and doesn't have much yet.