Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Arcade: The Last Night at Chinatown Fair

Hey folks, Nick here with yet another news update. Big news going on in the world of movies. I just saw this posted over on Kotaku, but a few months ago on Twitter I noticed a new follower by the name of "ArcadeMovie". The video above is a sneak peek at a new independent film called "Arcade: The Last Night at Chinatown Fair". Kurt Vincent is heading up the project. He filmed the last few nights the arcade was open and now he's looking to drum up some funds to help get the movie completed. He's started up a new Kickstarter page and he's trying to get some donations and get the movie finished. It seems like a really cool idea so if you'd like to help get the movie finished, feel free to check out the links below and help him out!

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