Friday, May 6, 2011

TRON LE Details

Hey everybody, Nick here with the new details for Stern Pinball's Limited Edition version of Tron. This was just announced today on their forums and also over on their Facebook page. While they haven't shown off any pictures of the actual game they did show off a picture of the new EL Wire that turns a really nice neon blue to a nice red color. It sounds really cool and I can't wait to see it in action. It should be noted that they will only be making 400 machines rather then the usual 500 that the past limited editions. Adam from Arcade Heroes is thinking the machine might go for $5,700 or more with all the added goodies, but for all of you pinball collectors and Tron fans it looks like it will be well worth it. Here's the release from Stern!

We announced that in later June we will make a Premium Limited Edition
of TRON.

Many of you have asked what is in this TRON: Legacy Limited Edition.
Additions include:

Games individually numbered, from 1 of 400, 2 of 400, etc.
Each will have a Numbered Plaque, a Certificate of Authenticity
and Stern Hologram

Motorized Recognizer Mechanism
The Motorized Recognizer hovers and moves side to side over
the Retracting 3 Target Mechanism, associated with new Game
Play Rules

Fiber Optic Illuminescent Light Tubes
Guiding the Ball along the Ramps, the Light Tubes change colors
according to with new Game Play Rules and Light Shows
A Perfect Addition to a TRON Game

Four Bank Drop Target Mechanism
TRON Drop Targets replace Stand Up Targets

Control Lamp LED's and Modified Light Shows

Added Recognizer Lamps and Inserts on the Playfield

Dedicated Software Program including Rules to Operate the Added
Features& Added Modes

Enhanced Playfield Art with added Silver Art Screen

Chrome Legs, Side Armor, Back Box Hinges, Front Molding and
Speaker Grills

Metal Bottom Arch with Light Inserts

Traditional Lockdown Bar Assembly

Playfield Slide Support Brackets

Sounds like their putting in a lot for this limited edition. I hope the normal "Pro" models without the extra bells and whistles are just as fun to play without the new lighting and extra motion toys. I really hope I'll find one in the wild to play this summer. Lets hope that Stern will plan another launch party like they did with The Rolling Stones. If they do, I'll try my best to cover it...if they do an event in New York that is.

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