Tuesday, June 14, 2011

3rd Times (hopefully) the Charm!

It was announced yesterday that the Pinball Hall of Fame Williams Collection for the 3DS has yet again been delayed. This time the release date is set at September 13th. This marks the 3rd release date since the announcement and release of the trailer. Originally set for a May release, the announcement of a 3DS version came as a bit of a surprise to gamers. The concept of reworked 3D visuals was embraced by the Pinball Hall of Fame series fans. Then came the announcement of 7 tables. Speculation on whether this is the total number of tables, or the initial amount with more to be unlocked, or if we are going to see future DLC (downloadable content) tables began. Then we get an announcement that the game is being delayed till June 14th. Add in the vague 7.0 review score Nintendo Power gave the game (a review with no text description, just a score) and fans of the series have begun to become leery. Now we have the third release date for the game and even more Pinball Hall of Fame fans are beginning to say "I'll stick with the console version."

Rather then jump the gun at Arcade Hunters, we remain open minded and will judge the game upon the content when it is released. Keep checking back for status updates for the Pinball Hall of Fame Williams Collection. In the meantime enjoy the trailer!


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