Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Tron Legacy Pinball Launch Party NYC

Hello everybody, Nick here with the video of the New York City Tron Legacy Launch Party at Reciprocal Skateboards! John and everybody put on a great party and the place was packed with the Tri-State's pinball fans eager to get their hands on the new game from Stern Pinball. I will have another video just of the gameplay portions of video that I shot with my overall impressions and early review of the game. I say early because the game is not even a few weeks old and Stern is always updating the rules and adding features into their games. (Spider-Man being the best example) So be on the look out for that video coming up soon!

I also have a few more videos from FunSpot XIII to finish up then I'll be moving on to some never before seen arcade game reviews! I would also like to thank all of our fans over on YouTube. It only took us four years but we finally hit 1,000 subscribers! I'll make another thank you video with some shout outs soon, so thanks for watching and keep checking back in for more videos and updates from your pals here at Arcade Hunters.

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