Thursday, June 16, 2011

Tron Pinball NYC Launch Party: TOMORROW!

Tomorrow night at 8pm Reciprocal Skateboards in New York City will play host to Tron Pinball Launch Party from Stern Pinball! When Stern announced their Launch Party event for Tron the fans cried out in anger! No launch party for New York?! So a week after New York finally gets a Tron machine and a launch party to go with it! The event will take place at 8pm and run till "our fingers bleed". It's five dollars per entry and there will be prizes for the top players. So feel free to come down, check out the scene and compete!

I will be there for the whole event and I will have tons of pictures and videos of the game and the event. If there is Wi-Fi access I will post the pictures to our Tumblr page, Twitter Feed and Facebook page. Any videos I take will be short (to not eat up bandwidth) and the longer fuller videos will be posted later in the week. It sounds like a great time and I can't wait to try the new game! Big thanks to everybody from Reciprocal Skateboards and Stern Pinball for putting this together. Hopefully we'll show everybody that pinball is alive and well in New York City!

For more information, feel free to visit the page on Facebook for the event. I'll see you tomorrow!

1 comment:

  1. The fact is this game is boring. The plastic ramps and returns used as of late are a joke. How much more could it really cost to have metal ramps….maybe 100 bucks? There really isn’t much going on here. Guys…Jack is knocking on your door. Granted his first machine has already missed it’s mark. 6500.00 is to much money for the market to support. I have no doubt he will sell out his first batch to the die hards…but things will fade unless he can make a good machine in the 5k range. Back to Tron. Guys the dot matrix display has to go. You need a high def screen. It doesn’t have to be any bigger…just color and high def. You can license clips directly from the movie to keep programming down. Can you Imagine how cool that would be? Tron is junk. Rolling stones is junk. Remake Spider man with a color display, some mechanical aspects to the toys, a built in shaker motor, and a progressive drop target and you will have struck oil. The junk has to stop. I’ll bet Stern 50k in writing. I could make a better play field than there last three machines.
    Anyone can make junk….lets make some good machines. Dump the tired models and make one good machine.