Saturday, August 6, 2011

The FunSpot XIII Slideshow!

This is it! The final video from the 13th Annual FunSpot Classic Arcade Gaming Tournament! I know the beginning of the video says XII but when I went to correct the error my computer got hit with a power surge and I lost all of the data I had, so here it is with the error. Just pretend there's an extra I in it and you'll be fine.

Another great tournament this year. It was different for me because most of the time I spent chatting with friends and fans of the show. I did play all of the games to qualify for the tournament, but with the rest of the folks there I was low on the list. I didn't even bother with the Manufactures Challenge since Hyper Sports was in there and Don pretty much destroys everybody in that. 

The main tournament could only be described as the "Turkey" tournament. Every year the ACAM staff likes to throw in a lot of unique games and some most people don't even play for score. This year a lot of the newest additions were a lot of uncommon games. Gary (ACAM's Manager) was telling me, most of these games would come and go in a few months because they never made any money. He was telling me a game they had called The Wiz was a bomb and didn't really pull in any collections as they say in the arcade biz. A lot of them were the very first time I played them, like The Glob, Amadar, Looping and what had to be the most hated game of the whole tournament, Strategy X.

I'm so happy that Nathan Barnett donated his 4 slot Neo-Geo MVS to FunSpot. After years of trying to drum up support from other Neo-Geo fansites and not getting any replies it's amazing to see that not only does FunSpot finally have a Neo-Geo but it's pretty much the most famous MVS unit of them all since it was in the Four Bright Buttons and Two Joysticks video. I can't wait for next year so we can put some scores into the record books on actual Neo-Geo MVS hardware and not on MAME. Hopefully some good players will come out and set some new records on it.

So it was a great year for FunSpot. We can't wait for the tournament next year for the next batch of surprises. We'll be there as always to show off everything. Be sure to check back in this week for some news updates and a special announcement video for what's coming up next weekend!

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