Wednesday, August 10, 2011

PAPA World Pinball Championship This Weekend!

This weekend marks the 14th Annual PAPA World Championships of Pinball Tournament in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania! I (Nick) will be attending! Hit the jump for more!

After missing last year's tournament I've very excited about attending this year's PAPA Pinball Tournament. Where else can you play over 300 pinball machines for four days straight? I will have my camera and iPod Touch on hand and I'll be getting tons of pictures and videos of the event as it happens on the floor of the PAPA facility. As like with every event I go to, since I only have a Wi-Fi enabled iPod, the uploading times for me might be hell since a lot of people will bring in their laptops and go online while they take a break for lunch. So I might just keep it to pictures and very short update videos. If the hotel has a good wireless connection I will try to upload the videos from there either the night before or in the morning. If not I will have them all uploaded within next week.

I would also like to ask you what games you'd like to see me get videos of. As I said they have over 300 different games, so their bound to have something you'd want to see. I have a couple I know I want to get videos of including Avatar since I never played it and a better quality video of their rare Cactus Canyon machine. (I hope it's not in any of the tournaments) If you'd like to request a game, drop a comment below or feel free to visit our official page on Facebook and make a suggestion there!

If you'd like more info about PAPA you can check out the official website listed here.

PAPA Website

If you're going, I look forward to seeing you! Keep it tuned to our Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook and Youtube channel for coverage of this weekend's event!

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  1. Onsite Wifi at PAPA is outstanding. Better than the hotel.