Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Bone Busters Inc Quick Play

Today on the official Ghostbusters Facebook page they announced in October they will be re-releasing the movie for the 25th Anniversary! So in honor of the announcement here's a quick play of a game from 1989, Gottlieb's Bone Busters Inc!

When I first saw this I wondered Gottlieb ever contacted Colombia Pictures about getting the Ghostbusters name. Considering they did the pinball of Rocky I think they would have. Maybe they had it in the works and when they said no they switched the art. The game for a late 80's pin is pretty good. As I said in the video I haven't played many Gottlieb tables with strong flippers, the ones on this were alright but I couldn't hit the middle ramp to start the multiball. Craig on the other end of the camera told me he was able to get it to work but I never saw it in action myself.

It's a fun little game, don't know if I'd make it part of my collection but if you ever happen to see one, be sure to give it a whirl! There's still a ton of quick play videos from PAPA 14, so follow us on Twitter and Tumblr, Like us on Facebook and subscribe to our channel on YouTube for more!

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