Sunday, October 16, 2011

Pinball Hall of Fame: Williams Collection for the 3DS Review

Check out our review and read below to see if this collection is worth your time.

Overall this is my favorite version of the Williams Collection games. Even though the number of tables is small in comparison to the other console versions, the 3D effect, I feel greatly advances this version. When you put the headphones on and crank both the 3D and volume you WILL be fully immersed into the world of video pinball. Give it a few minutes and you will feel like you are playing a miniature pinball table. The depth that the 3D adds to this collection truly recreates these classic Williams Pinball tables. The only thing better would be an enhanced 3D version for the PS3 ( a man can dream can't he?).

Of course the downside to this collection is that without the 3D it is a wash. The miniature screen and resolution makes this game hard to play in 2D mode. Ramps and rails become one as the lack of depth mixed with a low resolution and small screen creates quite the unenjoyable experience.

Bottom line, if you love the 3D of the 3DS buy this game NOW. If you were on the fence because you tend to turn the 3D off, skip this and go play the xbox 360 version.

-2600 out

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