Saturday, November 5, 2011

Transformers Pinball NYC Launch Parties

Hey folks, Nick here with my thoughts on the duel Transformers Pinball launch parties that took place in New York City last weekend. With all the stuff that I've had going on I had planned on not going, but at the last minute I decided to get away from everything and check it out. As I say in the beginning, sorry for the glare from the marquee, even on a couple of other videos it's too bright and blocks the top part of the playfield where everything is. So don't say the game looks empty till you see it, because what there is to see is being covered up.

I also go on a rant at the end, so sorry about that but that's just how I feel about how everything. I know times are hard and money is tough and we should be glad that companies like Pinball Manufacturing, Retro Pinball, Stern and Jersey Jack are still making pinball machines in this day and age. But I can not stand how Stern is cutting features out of the game and pretty much leaving all of the good stuff to people that buy the limited edition collectors models. As I say in the video, go to a distributor and look up the check list that Stern themselves put out of what the LE has and what the Pro model has. It's like two completely different games with drop targets, LED lighting, extra rules and the Megatron tank is supposed to transform when the balls come out of the lock. There's a lot more, just check the list and you'll see.

If it's cosmetic like adding the EL Lighting to Tron and making the toy Recognizer move, that's fine it's an extra. Don't leave stuff out of the game that non collectors won't get a chance to play.  

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