Friday, March 23, 2012

Inside the Dragon's Lair

Hey folks! Nick here with something I saw while going around the series of tubes we call the internet. First I saw over on the C.A.D.E.R.S Facebook wall that the arcade classic, Dragon's Lair is going to be ported over to Xbox Live Arcade with Kinect support. Now a port of Dragon's Lair is pretty commonplace nowadays. The game will most likely be ported to every system known in existence now which is great because you can play it arcade perfect and you don't have to deal with sketchy 20 plus year old Laserdisc players.

What I saw listed in the comments got my eye. A guy by the name of Martin Touhey is working on a new documentary called "Inside the Dragon's Lair" and you can check the trailer above. The trailer gives you a good idea of what the movie will be like with some new footage and some classic interviews with Don Bluth. I asked Martin over on his YouTube channel if he'd be covering Dragon's Lair 2: Time Warp and my personal favorite of the trilogy, Space Ace and he said,

"Dragon's Lair II will be covered briefly. The main concentration of the film will be on the first Dragon's Lair. Space Ace will probably only be mentioned once or twice to give the audience a reference to other Bluth laserdisc games."

I still remember the first time I saw Space Ace at Chuck E Cheese when I was 5 years old and being floored by it, but not understanding that I couldn't just slam down on the laser button that I actually had to "control" what was happening.

When I see more updates, I'll be sure to post them here! I'll leave you with the link from's story on Dragon's Lair coming to Live Arcade.

Dragon's Lair for XBLA!

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