Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Classic Game Room visits Pinburgh 2012!

Since I wasn't able to make it to PAPA this year for their annual match play tournament, Pinburgh, I've decided to share this video from the fine folks over at Classic Game Room. One of the main reasons why I wanted to show this video here is a new game they just got in called "Dragon" that makes one of the weirdest sound effects I've ever heard in a pinball machine. "BAWRRwwwnnn!!" I also love how they had games sectioned off with names like "Bring The Noise" for a row of games with the most annoying sound effects and future themed games as well.

Hopefully I'll be able to play some Dragon if we go to the next PAPA tournament and also be sure to stay tuned for the last batch of videos from our final day at last year's tournament.

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  1. The list of machines and group names is available here:

    Thanks for the link and see you at PAPA!
    - Bowen