Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Family Fun Arcade Shutting Down

(Thanks to striderzer0 for the walkthrough tour!)

I saw this a few days ago over on their official Twitter feed and Adam over at Arcade Heroes has reported this as well. After over 38 years in the business the Family Fun Arcade in Granada Hills, CA will be closing down at the end of the year. The owner Ralph had this to say.

Hi I'm Ralph I own Family fun Arcade

For the past 38 years I have owned and run this place you know as Family Fun Arcade. It has been my pleasure ,my pain ,my nights, my days, my frustration, my satisfaction, and everything in between. I have lived and breathed this business every day of those years. In short Family Fun Arcade has has been my "Family" 
I have watched the video game phenomenon from it's humble beginnings to the worldwide explosion.I have seen little kids grow into adults who now bring their kids to Family Fun. I have made many lifelong friends and take great pride that I have been able to provide countless hours of fond memories to the people of Family Fun
I have kept this place alive long after most real arcades have disappearedSadly 38 years of hard work has taken a heavy toll on me. Now due to health and financial considerations I have been forced to step away from my role here As a result Family Fun will no longer be able to operate after approximately Jan 2013.
It has been a great long run and I hope to see many of my friends in the remaining time hereFamily Fun is a second home to many and I hope you can all visit and support us nowWatch for announcements of going away events and we are planning for a big gathering at Family Fun for our final "Family Portrait".Tell your friends and we can all celebrate the end of an era. 
Huge thanks and respect to all the employees who helped to make it possible,and thanks to you the customersAll a big part of "The Family"

While it sounds like their local zoning laws won't allow another arcade in the same area the fans are trying to start up donations for "Arcade Relief". I'd post the site, but it's just a space saver for now. Be careful though, somebody has already started a fake Twitter handle and is trying to take people's money thinking their donating to this. When something more official comes out, I'll post it here.

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