Wednesday, June 5, 2013

ACAM 2013 LQ Walkthrough Tour!

Here is the first of many videos 2600 and I shot while at the 15th Annual Classic Arcade Gaming Tournament at FunSpot in Weirs Beach New Hampshire! I had wanted to do a quick tour and upload it over the Wi-Fi but they were having problems with their ISP and it was very spotty so I just stuck to posting quick photos over Instagram. I shot this video on Saturday night so what you see is the final roster of games being used for the tournament. I took the high quality walkthrough on Thursday morning when they had a tarp over the games so you couldn't see what was going to be in the tournament. I also have a video of them taking the tarp off with the original roster of games that had Joust 2, which had to be taken out because even when they tried to turn off the ability to continue, it didn't work so they took it out early on Thursday. You'll also see the mystery game of Saturday, Flower.. yes. A space shooter where you fight giant flowers. It didn't take long for some players to find out an exploit in the game that you could just sit in one area and farm the game for points.

I also have some extra videos. As you might see in the video my buddy Ron (who also holds the world record in Karate Champ) took video tours of FunSpot and the Weirs Beach Arcades, so if you'd like to check them out, hit the jump! We'll be back on Saturday with the LQ tour of The Pinball Wizard's Arcade!

Ron's video of FunSpot

The Arcades of Weirs Beach

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