Monday, September 16, 2013

Well that was something...

Hey folks, Nick here with a quick update. If you're reading this then you've made it to the "new" address. This past weekend we lost our original website URL from Google. They never once contacted me to tell me my credit card on file was expired. So within 48 hours we lost the URL and somebody squatted on the current one, banner and all. Even though I've been told you can get a domain name back Google for some reason wouldn't let us. Thankfully everything here is hosted by Blogger so we never lost anything. In fact we've always had this name on Blogger the .com just went over it. So I've gone through everything and changed the address to this current one. Which sucks because I have videos I'm going to be posting next week of my trip to Walt Disney World and in every video I say "Dash Hunters Dot Com" and I don't feel like going over them now.

Super special thanks to Kevin Martin and everybody from Pair Networks for getting us back up and running with a new domain name and MUCH better hosting that that Google/GoDaddy bullshit we had to put up with.

So be sure to tell your friends we're now located at and feel free to drop a nasty comment at the old site. I doubt they'll reply but screw em'. Why the hell would you call yourself Arcade Hunters and do mobile phone apps?

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