Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Jersey Jack Pinball's Wizard of Oz (Version 1.22)

With Thanksgiving and Hanukkah both coming up tomorrow I've decided to post this video a bit earlier for you guys rather then later in the week. So enjoy it!

Here's a new look at Jersey Jack's Wizard of Oz running then new software version 1.22. They have since updated it to 1.23 a few weeks ago. Since the last video I shot they really added in a lot more to the game. There's new music, animation, scorning rules and of course, new modes. The scoop shot for the crystal ball has a lot of two-ball Multiball awards. This version added in No-Hold and Weak Flipper Multiball Mode. There's also Reversed Flippers and Lights On/Lights Off Multiball modes as well.

Of course Jersey Jack went ahead and surprised us all by announcing yet another version of the Wizard of Oz this time to celebrate the film's 75th Anniversary. The 75th Anniversary edition comes in a red trim cab with some extra goodies like a basket with Toto over the right outlane, a 3D printed Twister by the pops and walls around the castle mini-playfield.

We'll be sure to have more of the game as they update it, (Hence why we call them Previews and not Reviews) so be sure to like, subscribe and follow us!

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