Friday, February 21, 2014

Super Bagman Review

Hey folks, welcome to the first of many videos I took while I was visiting John's gameroom. In the corner I saw two games together I haven't seen before. 1982's Bagman and it's sequel, Super Bagman. The sequel was an upgrade to the original game that came out two years later. Due to Bagman not being that big of a hit many operators didn't bother with the sequel so the game is now extremely rare. If you check KLOV they have listed that there's ten known to exist. After talking with some of the folks at the party that night they think it's half that. While the ROM of course is online the actual unit of the game is really rare. So if it's five, ten or fifty it's still cool to play the real thing.

The game is MUCH harder then the original game as you can see from the video. Even though they added a new six shot revolver power up, the guards in the game are relentless and keep coming at you. If you're lucky you can hold a bomb to blow up a prison holding another robber to gain and extra life. The first game I got on video was the farthest I progressed through the game. So I can see why even if an operator got the sequel, they'd pull it because maybe it was a bit too difficult.

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