Friday, March 7, 2014

The Pinball Wizard Arcade Update

Last week I was able to head over to The Pinball Wizard Arcade in Pelham, NH to play some pinball and see what new games they got. They have switched some games around since my last visit about 7 months ago.

First thing I noticed was that they got the Limited Edition version of Star Trek. Star Trek has to be my favorite of the new Stern games. I will have a review uploaded next Wednesday.

The second thing I noticed was that some games were switched out. First it looks like Bugs Bunny's Birthday Ball, Family Guy and Monopoly have been switched out for Nascar, Pirates of the Caribbean, and Junkyard. The Addams Family with the color DMD has been replaced with an Addams Family with a regular DMD.

Pirates of the Caribbean
Addams Family without color DMD and Junkyard
I also noticed that Granny and the Gators was removed (last time it was off) and Baby Pac-Man is still off. Gilligan's Island has also been switched out. I didn't notice which game replaced it. SNK's Beast Busters has also been switched out.

The Pinball Wizard Arcade also switched out Super Mario Bros. and Car Hop and placed in Firepower 2, South Park, and Popeye.

South Park and Popeye

Unfortunately The Pinball Wizard Arcade was hit with a double whammy. The week before I visited was the school break for Massachusetts while the week I visited was the school break for New Hampshire. As you can see in the video walkthrough a few of the games were shut off. Some games however were left on that probably should've been shut off. First we have Medieval Madness which is missing the wall where the ball lock is while also having a scuffed up playfield. While these issues are minor, Medieval Madness also has problems with the multi ball. All of the multi ball modes release only two balls. Championship Pub was also hit hard. The main toy in Championship Pub is missing his right arm. This does not make Championship Pub unplayable, just a little easier.

Medieval Madness with the missing wall

Medieval Madness with some wear and tear

Championship Pub with missing right arm

I had a blast visiting The Pinball Wizard Arcade. I spent most of my time playing the new Star Trek game. They have a great selection of pinball and it was nice to see some games switched out for others. Even though they had more games off then usual, a double school break whammy can do that to an arcade. I've seen other arcades in the past that will go from almost every game working to having what seems to be almost a quarter of the games down or in poor working condition. The owner was there working on a couple machines. I plan on stopping by again in a couple of months and will provide another update report.

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