Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Las Vegas Pinball Hall of Fame 2014 Walkthrough Tour

Well, as you saw from yesterday's post I was away last week that was because I was in Vegas for the annual SEMA show. So while I was there I made sure to visit some places out in Vegas! For the very first time since going through all the account BS with YouTube I was finally able to make a full tour of the Las Vegas Pinball Hall of Fame! I actually had a couple of people comment on previous videos of this location saying that I was splitting the video up into two parts just so I could get more clicks and make more money...which is also BS. Since our account was in bad standing with YouTube we weren't allowed to have access to videos over 10 minutes, but thankfully all of that is behind us and now we present you with a full, 22 minute long tour!

Not much has changed with the overall layout of the place. The one major thing I noticed was owner Tim Arnold got rid of the three payout bingo games he had. He told me he had them for the history but due to Nevada's gaming laws he could never power them on, so it's better that there's room for a few more games that people can actually interact with then three museum pieces that just sat collecting dust since nobody could play them.

Since my last trip they got a few new additions and powered on a few games that haven't been on in years. Banzai Run is finally up in running after not being on, they added in a beautiful Stern Star Trek Premium with mods from our pals at Pinball Refinery and PinGraffix and they brought their Sega sit-down Star Trek back to life with a flat panel monitor and MAME since everybody knows how horrendous that Sega's vector games are to keep running.

Some new games like Data East's The Simpsons, Sega's Star Wars Trilogy and Bally's Elvira and The Party Monsters are also very welcome additions! I was also able to get a full game out of their VERY rare Goin' Nuts, so make sure you stay tuned for more videos from the Hall of Fame!

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