Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Gottlieb's Goin' Nuts

Here's the final video from 2014! When I was at the Pinball Hall of Fame this year they finally fixed the ball launcher on Goin' Nuts! Last year when I took the video the game didn't work correctly but I was able to get part of one game using my phone. So now here's a full fledged video using the HD Camera and the new tripod!

Goin' Nuts is a very rare game from 1983. Only ten where produced before they pulled the plug on the project. The game is even inside of an old Q-Bert's Quest cabinet and it never had it's own. The game is really unique in that it's a multi-ball only game. When you start the game it automatically launches three balls into the table. You have to try to keep all three in play to build up time and points. When you go down to one ball the single ball timer begins to countdown and you have to hit the top captive ball or the right lane in order to get back into multiball.

It's a shame that this one never made it into full production. For an early 1980's Gottlieb table, it's a lot of fun. Check it out over on The Pinball Arcade because that's the one of the only places you can play it!

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