Saturday, January 10, 2015

Atari's Hercules!

Here's yet another look at the largest ever mass produced pinball machine ever from Atari in 1979, it's Hercules! Gerard had taken a video the week they got it in and I didn't know that and he had his video up well ahead of mine, so here's my look at it.

The one at FunSpot is in the best shape of a Hercules I've ever played. The slingshots, pops and flippers have plenty of kick to them so you can make all the shots. They've also put in new LED frosted lights so the game has a very nice look to it. Unlike the last few versions of Hercules I've played where the pops don't work, half the bulbs are out and you can't even make a few shots with the weak, sticky flippers.

The game is more of a novelty then a good playing pinball when you considered what was coming out at the time. It's an attraction piece that get's a lot of attention. Make sure you take the trek up to FunSpot to play it for yourself!

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