Saturday, June 27, 2015

Lafferty Place Arcade Walkthough Tour (April 2015)

Hey folks Nick here with a bit of news! FINALLY after months of waiting I'm happy to say I'm having a new PC custom built and it should be here in another week! So be on the look out for some new tour videos and I plan on finishing up any other older videos I never had the chance to upload and I also have a Disney arcade video I have to piece together because a phone call cut it off halfway through.

Here's a new look at the Yacht and Beach Club's arcade Lafferty Place. I stayed here one of the first years the arcade opened in the early 1990's and the place was heaven with stuff like the TMNT arcade game and a lineup of amazing Bally/Williams pinball machines. Now they've only got one Pirates of The Caribbean machine that just doesn't work, even though they actually cleaned it and due to the new Florida law they had to get rid of the giant prize machine you could cash your tickets in with.

The one thing they've done with the resort arcades I like is almost every game now has a QR code made just for that game. If you've got a problem with the game you can scan the code on your phone and it will take you to a website. The website will have the game listed and the arcade your in. When your on the site you can write up what's wrong with the machine and they'll send a tech out to fix it...or so they say. After I finished the video I went to play Afterburner Climax and the joystick only half worked. During the game it moved fine, but you couldn't do stuff like barrel rolls and quickly turn left or right and also the joystick would not move to the right on the plane selection screen. So I fired up my QR scanner app and reported the problem...and I also chewed them out for how disgusting the PoTC pinball machine was because none of the pinball machines I saw in the resorts had QR codes to scan.

When I go back later this summer I plan on checking out the arcade again. I wonder if the game will still be there or did they ever bother to open up the control panel to actually fix what was wrong with it? We'll have to wait and see to find out! 

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