Monday, July 20, 2015

Nanuet Arcade Walkthrough Tour! (June 2015)

Here's a video I know A LOT of folks have been waiting for! It's an outdated look at the Nanuet Arcade in Nanuet New York! We ended up meeting the owner Vic at the Rockland Pinball Open House Party and we took a few hours to go on over to check the place out and we where happy with what they had to offer!

Vic has the place chock full of games to please just about any arcade gamer. From the classics like Toobin and Crystal Castles, beat em' ups like Michael Jackson's Moonwalker and Aliens Vs. Predator, current and classic fighting games, Japanese style racing games, lightgun shooters and a wide verity of music games.

While we where there they where just putting the finishing touches on two games from Konami's famous Bemani series, Sound Vortex III and JuBeat. (Or if you where lucky enough to play it at a US location test, UBeat) So sadly I don't have any footage of the two games actually being played. I also say the video is outdated because they altered the layout from the video above. Now they put all of the music games in the front of the arcade with the fighters in the back due to the fact they also host live concerts and the music from both the bands and the various games where bleeding into each other so they smartly moved them to the front.

They've also got a nice selection of pinball. Like the owner Vic said in the video he just picked up an Elvira's Scarred Stiff machine to add to the lineup. He's also hosting weekly pinball leagues as well so if you're in the area and looking for some folks to play make sure you check them out!

They've also got a nice snack counter with some good stuff to eat as well! We'd like to thank Vic for hosting us! Make sure you go and give them some love!

Nanuet Arcade's Website

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