Wednesday, September 16, 2015

F-14 Tomcat: Pinball Review!

Since it'll be coming out on The Pinball Arcade very soon I thought we'd take a look at the original game from 1987! It's Williams F-14 Tomcat! From lead designer Steve Ritchie this game lives up to it's tagline, "It's fast. It's furious...and it fights back!" Just like every game that Steve designed your in for something that's going to beat the hell out of you. I was shocked that I actually started the multiball on camera but sadly couldn't cash in the jackpot.

The game seems simple. You need to spell out TOM CAT in order to light the locks. Depending on how the game's set up, you either have to spell it out only once, or in my case with the way Dave had it set, I had to spell it out all three times in order to light all three locks.

Since Steve designed it you can tell he made it really rough. There's a really fast kickback on the left that if your not careful the ball will run down the drain. Just like a lot of other 80's Bally/Williams games you can get into multiball, but it doesn't last long, so trying to maintain good control is key to this game.

It's well worth checking out, can't wait to see it over on Pinball Arcade!

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