Sunday, January 31, 2016

Amiibo End Level Display by BD & A

If you're looking for a way to display your arcade related amiibo's look no further, the Amiibo End Level Display by BD & A is currently the best option on the market! Continue reading to see the versatility of the Amiibo End Level Display and what I feel is the best way to incorporate it into your arcade collection!


First off, the Amiibo End Level Display is not one single piece, but rather a set of single blocks that connect together in a Lego like fashion. Each individual brick has a circular indentation that either another brick or an Amiibo figure can be set into.

This enables you to create or recreate scenes from Super Mario Bros. to set up your Amiibos on. The Amiibo End Level Display can serve almost as a play set for your Amiibo's. Just imagine buying a few sets and spreading them out on your floor, recreating epic battles between Mario and Bowser while Mr. Game and Watch sneaks up from behind and delivers a 9 hammer to Bowser's skull!
The only negative about this set is that sometimes gaps are visible between the blocks. When you build taller stacks, they tend to lean revealing these gaps. You can shift them around to fix this or sometimes the weight of an Amiibo can help with weighing the blocks in a particular direction to tighten up the gaps. This is a minor gripe for what is otherwise a great set.

Currently you can find the Amiibo End Level Display for under $20.00. Applications for this display set are virtually endless. Looking for an end table Knick knack? BOOM, Amiibo End Level Display. Kitchen counter lacking pizazz? BAM, now you got Mario and Bowser ducking it out OG style. Possibly the best way to display the Amiibo End Level Display is on top of a classic Nintendo arcade cabinet. With the flat top design of Nintendo's arcade cabinets you can easily set up the Amiibo End Level Display atop to show off some classic Mario characters and add that extra pizazz to your gameroom. However, for those of us with wives and limited space, we may have to make do with displaying it on a dresser.

Hope you enjoyed this review and be sure to check back weekly for more arcade related reviews!


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