Monday, March 14, 2016

Jersey Jack Pinball's The Hobbit and Jackbar Walkthrough Tour!

Hey folks. Nick here. Sorry I've lazy with updating the site. Gerard's been keeping up to date with the podcast episodes and I've been working on the other social media sites as well as making new videos with the brand new camera. So to make up for it, every other day this week I'll have an update with the videos over on our YouTube channel.

A few weeks ago my pal Craig had the week off so we went over to Brooklyn to check out the Sunshine Laundromat for some games and after that we spun over to check out our pal John's place Jackbar! He recently got in one of the very first units of Jersey Jack Pinball's brand new game, The Hobbit. He also went ahead and got a premium edition of Game of Thrones and Woah Nellie! Big Juicy Melons! If you want to hear more of what I thought be sure to check out episode 49 of our podcast for more in depth thoughts on all three new offerings from Stern and Jersey Jack.

Since thankfully the bar was quiet I went ahead and took some video of the bar's lineup as well since I didn't have to worry about the copyright gods coming down on me at YouTube for licensed music running in the background. As always John's got a lot of great stuff like Rollergames and Fish Tales!

If your in the Brooklyn area make sure to check em' out!

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