Sunday, May 22, 2016

Stern Pinball's Ghostbusters Pro (V1.04)

Hey folks! At the Allentown Pinfest my good friend Dave got himself a Game of Thrones Pro and a brand new Ghostbusters Pro pinball machine! Since he wanted some help trying to setup the new Spike system on Game of Thrones with an update I decided to try my hand with Ghostbusters 1.04 code that fixed some of the game braking bugs that where found early on.

The game is super fast and challenging, and ton of fun. Ernie Hudson's calls are great and they even have it set like FunHouse where he'll give each player a nickname and he'll stick through it through the whole game. (Kid, Rookie, etc)

As always whenever Stern Pinball updates the game with new rules and features we'll be sure to share it with you! Hopefully next time, I'll get a better game and show off more of the modes. ;)

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