Saturday, October 1, 2016

Welcome to The Arcade Hunters!

Hey folks! Nick from the Arcade Hunters here! Sorry I haven't been updating the site. Since C.R posted his mailbag and was nice enough to post links to our site I figured I'd better update our website along with the video for the few of you that still visit here. Sorry for the lack of updates and videos, since the new job I haven't had a lot of time to go out and get gameplay footage or tours of new places. Hopefully I will soon!

For those of you coming in from CR's video...welcome! I was in Toys R Us YEARS ago and I saw that Samhain and Janine figure and the first thing I thought of was all of CR's videos he did on Familiar Faces. At the time they wanted WAY too much for it but a few months later I saw it again on the clearance rack and picked it up where it had been under my bed in the bag till I finally mailed it to him. Sadly USPS damaged the hell out of the box and it cost me more to ship the toy to him then it did when I bought it.

Really glad to see he enjoyed the gift!

For those of you still reading, be sure to check us out over on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram where we post weekly. We've been working on new episodes of our Podcast as well! Hopefully I'll get more videos out for you guys to enjoy soon! Till then, take care!

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