Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Snack Break: Super Mario Gummy Candy from Japan!

I use to write an article for Video Game Trader Magazine that covered all types of gaming snack foods; everything from Rondo of Blood energy drinks to Pac-Man Vitamins. I decided to revive the Snack Break article on our Arcade Hunters website. So sit back, pop the marble in the ol' ramune bottle and grab some Pocky as we tear into a fresh pack of Super Mario Gummy Candy - Cola and Ramune flavors from Japan!

First things first, the packaging. I love the packaging! It is brightly colored, includes various characters, and even includes a drawing of the Mario shapes. I love when companies opt to draw what their product looks like versus using a photo. This adds a nice retro style that makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. To me, drawings of food products on packaging has become a lost art form that we must revisit.

The actual gummy shapes are good; they are all accurate representations of Mario and items from the game. However, the colors are not the most attractive for food consumption. They look like what fruit snacks turn into after being aged for a decade or two in a dank basement. Thankfully the taste of these gummies does not reflect the off coloring. The flavors are excellent; brown gummies taste like cola and the blue gummies taste like ramune soda. What is surprising is that the company Nobel managed to get a cola flavor that does not taste like flat, warm soda. The ramune flavor is spot on for plain ramune soda, sweet and tangy. It tastes what I imagine the color blue would taste like if it was a flavor.

Hope you enjoyed my rambling on about Japanese Mario gummies. Be sure to check back for more food reviews the next time you need a Snack Break!

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