Sunday, June 18, 2017

Super Mario Challenge Coin Review

While perusing the "nerd section" at Target (where they sell wax packs, trinkets, and Magic the Gathering cards) I stumbled across what I presumed to be a revival of Pogs in Nintendo form. I snatched up a pack, finished off my shopping, and headed home. It wasn't until I went to open the package that I realized I was not opening a package that contained a metal slammer and some cardboard discs. No, I was opening up a Super Mario Challenge Coin. 

Looks can be deceiving. A quick glance at the front and back packaging and you can see why I mistaken these as a Pog revival. The design with the outline ring screams 90's Pogs. Instead I found the contents to contain a nice metal coin, a gold sticker, and a checklist. 

As I looked at the metal coin I began to ponder its purpose. Is it simply to collect and display? If so, why are there shapes and numbers? Where in lies the "challenge" of this challenge coin?

OK, so the coin can be used to determine who has to handle the chores. You can also make up your own games using the shapes and numbers. Somehow I do not see this catching on with the kiddies. 

The coins are really cool. They have some great heft to them, the paint job is nice, and they include a casting on the back. They even come in a cool case that is reminiscent of something you'd see on one of those late night Franklin Mint commercials.

There is also an insert that includes checklists so that you can keep track of the stickers and coins you collect along the way. As cool as everything seems, at five bucks a pop it is tough to justify the purchase. Although, if they called these challenge coins "slammers" I'd probably be throwing coal to fuel the hype train.

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