Sunday, July 16, 2017

PCE Works Action and Arcade Box Set Review

I have been a huge fan of PCE Works for a few years now. They are one of a few groups producing commercial quality reproductions. The amount of care and finesse that they take with each of their releases is impeccable. Every little detail right down to the packaging is considered when they make a reproduction. Their Action and Arcade box set is no exception.

PCE Works Action and Arcade box set collects four sought after PC Engine game titles. The mixture of titles include three arcade home ports and  conversion of a classic Famicom/Nintendo Entertainment System game. The three arcade home ports included are PC Engine versions of Rainbow Islands, Horror Story, and Chiki Chiki boys.

The final title to round out the collection is the PC Engine version of Downtown N. Monogatari (aka River City Ransom!)

Each game is packaged in it's own case with reproductions of the game manuals. You get four games that fit snugly into a box set. All of the games include the original artwork and even spine cards.

PCE Works does not just settle with CDR quality discs, they have the discs reproduced professionally. The quality is superb.

Plus, PCE Works prints their logo and name on all areas of the reproductions. This helps prevent scammers from trying to resell these discs as originals. This is greatly appreciated by the collectors market.

The amount of care with their reproductions can be seen by the little details they include. Peek inside the box and you will see some wonderful sprite artwork hiding!

PCE Works are also great for throwing in extras. One example is a PC Genjin (or Bonk for those outside of Japan) limited edition coin. This coin is kept safely in a coin case inside some packaging that includes a great collage of artwork from the PC Genjin games.

The PCE Works Action and Arcade box set currently retails for 119 euro (or $136.51) which is well worth it when you consider the amount of care and detail put into this box set and how much each of the original titles currently sell for. If you are a die hard PC Engine fan like us be sure to give this box set a look.

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