Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Tomy Puck Man Tabletop Review

Everyone remembers the classic Coleco tabletop games, but for me, my money was always on the Tomy Pac-Man tabletop game from 1981. I didn't care that the others looked like mini arcade games, I wanted my odd shaped yellow Pac-Man flying saucer! Seriously, this thing looks like crossing Pac-Man with some bad 60's or even 70's aesthetics. Picture those goofy egg shaped seats that people use to listen to their hi-fi's on, but yellow and Pac-Man like and you'll get the idea.

The Tomy Pac-Man tabletop game was one of those wanted Christmas presents that never happened so, over 30 years later I finally got one. I wonder if it was worth the wait?

Be sure to check back tomorrow night as Christmas mayhem continues here at the Arcade Hunters!

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