Monday, December 24, 2018

Pac-Man Christmas Album!

This one's coming in under the wire, but I can not let another Christmas pass by without sharing one of the "classic" Pac-Man Christmas albums released by Kid Stuff in the 80's! I remember loving these as a kid and just had to hunt them down to relive a part of my childhood. So for this post we are checking out the Pac-Man Christmas Album.

Pac-Man Christmas Album

Album Cover

The Pac-Man Christmas Album is... not what you would expect. For such a huge video game icon that spawned a catchy tune like Pac-Man Fever, you would expect something a little more close to the source material. Instead you get a pseudo story about Christmas at Pac-Man's with some classic tunes peppered in, all done by what sounds like a local cable access choir. Some of these songs seem more appropriate for a Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job! skit than for the Pac-Man Christmas Album. The story starts off with side one and meanders through typical Christmas tropes. No new ground is covered, but again I would not bash something for regurgitating the same Christmas story we have seen since Charles Dickens began charging by the page.

Side two doesn't get much better. We start off with a country song titled An Old Fashioned Christmas that has nothing to do with Pac-Man. Eventually we get back to the storyline of opening our hearts and inviting the ghosts to Christmas dinner. Everyone becomes friends and we wrap it up with We Wish You a Merry Christmas. Honestly, as I listen to the album for the umpteenth time while working on this article, it is starting to grow on me. The ludicrous country song, the jammed in Christmas story, the local cable access choir... I am starting to dig it! This may make its way into my Christmas song playlist rotation.

You have to listen to a Pac-Man Christmas Album in order truly hear the madness that it holds within it's cardboard sleeves. This is a product of its time and something that would not exist today. Just try to imagine a low production Christmas album based on Fortnite. Lucky for you, we have embedded all eight tracks from the album below thanks to Youtube user MrBugante. Merry Christmas!

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