Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Sarge's Funspot Picks

We had a great time at Funspot in Laconia, NH. As we normally do on our trips up there, we check on the current condition of the machines and how they play. Here's a list of Sarge's top ten "Must Plays" for this year.

  • 10: Bump N Jump: It's currently in the golf area since the tournament. Currently unplugged.
  • 9: Double Dragon 2: Controls work better than part 1.
  • 8: Any Sega Cockpit Game: Unfortunately, Space Harrier was out of commission.
  • 7: Cliff Hanger: Give this laser disc game a chance (especially if you're a Lupin the III fan).
  • 6: Death Race: Very addictive and that kill sound it makes is awesome.
  • 5: Major Havok: The new monitors on this vector game looked great!
  • 4: Star Wars: Still very addictive after all these years.
  • 3: Donkey Kong: Come know you want to do the Steve Wiebe pose for the camera. The machine plays great.
  • 2: The Simpsons: Grab three friends and play this until the end.
  • 1: Rolling Thunder: The machine is in awesome shape and plays great.

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