Saturday, October 24, 2009

Sgt JAMMA's Intro Video

Enter Sgt JAMMA, the newest member of Arcade Hunters. Here is a quick video we shoot up at Funspot last weekend. We figured it would be best to give Sgt JAMMA a proper introduction and let him flex some of his arcade knowledge. Sgt JAMMA is going to be bringing a lot to the table with his wealth of technical knowledge on arcade gaming and the hardware.

In other news SEGA will be releasing Jambo! Safari Animal Rescue for the Wii in November. It looks like SEGA took the fun and addicting arcade game and added some new features (some being Wii mote features) to try and extend the replay value. As much as I love SEGA releasing another arcade port on the Wii (honestly, each arcade port release by SEGA means we are that much closer to the possibility of a Virtua Cop 3 port), I am a little skeptical of this release. For me, much of the love for Jambo! Safari comes not only from the game, but how the game was played in the arcade. I honestly don't think the driving experience can be appropriately recreated with the Wii mote, or the Nunchuk controller. Ghost Squad and House of the Dead were able to recreate the arcade experience with the use of one of the many gun controllers which still has me pondering on why SEGA is holding out on Virtua Cop 3 for the Wii. I mean they began developing it for the original Xbox years ago, and with the Wii they can even use the Wii Fit board for the pedal!!! Either way, odds are I will be picking up Jambo Safari Animal Rescue when it comes out. We at Arcade Hunters will be sure to do a full review of the game.

Be sure to check back Monday for some more news and videos.

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