Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Arcade Hunters Episode 8 Part 2 Half Moon

Here's part two of our epic three part episode of the arcades of Weirs Beach New Hampshire. Today we check out the arcade right next door to the Penny Arcade and that's the Half Moon. The Half Moon has a huge selection of games to choose from, classic Penny Arcade style games, shooting galleries and even some of the newer racers that have come out in the past few years. The pinballs are a bit hit and miss, some play well and others have problems that make them unplayable. I was sad that X-Men wasn't working because I wanted to get my Nightcrawler on. 2600's still under the weather, so I'm not sure when the final part of the video will be out, but be on the lookout for it.

I just got in an EasyCap for Christmas and I've been toying around with it. I'm a little miffed by it. I tried plugging in my S-Video cable from my 360 and the picture came in black and white, but I just recorded Viewtiful Joe and Elevator Action Old and New on my Cube and it worked. I'm posting test videos on Youtube as well as blip and if you've got any info to point me in the right direction, just drop a comment on the video or here in the post.

Well, I hope you enjoyed this episode of Arcade Hunters and we'll be back with the final episode of the Lake Winnipesaukee Pier Arcade. Also, before I go. A big congrats to all that won those big internet awards. I must have seen a billion of I voted for "....." today, so it'll be nice to see the end of that finally. But congrats to all who won.

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