Saturday, December 19, 2009

Arcade Hunters Episode 8 Part 3: Winnipesaukee Pier

The final part of our trip takes us to the final arcade, The Winnipesaukee Pier. The pier arcade has the usual selection of current racing games, ticket games and some classic games and pinball. Sorry we were in a bit of a rush to get to the drive in to see The Dark Knight. We didn't want to take a video camera into the concession stand to show off some of the arcade games they have, so we weren't able to get the monstrosity of a Baby Pac-Man that had the pinball playfield ripped out, replaced with a small screen running The Combatribes.

As you can see in the preview screen, the games at all three arcades are lacking. Since we've been going the games have been getting worse and worse. They do this new thing that we've been seeing at arcades. If a game has something wrong with it, they just leave the game on to get any lucky quarters they can, rather then putting up an out of order sign and fixing the problem. 2600 really hates the Attack from Mars machine, because he's gotten the ball stuck in the right out lane and even picked the machine up and shook it to get the ball loose and the thing wouldn't budge. But when he returned to the game not even twenty minutes later the ball vanished out of the lane and was back up and running. If they have the money to buy new games like Guitar Hero, I think they could spend a little time fixing a problem that could keep the game making more money. Lord knows we've put a small fortune into Pinball machines over the years.

Now, the fun doesn't end here. We've got another episode... well half an episode. I wouldn't really call it an arcade, but we were shocked as hell to see it. And you'll see what we're talking about soon. As well as another video we shot the same day as the Rambo Arcade video! So stay tuned! To all our Jewish friends, I hope you all had a very Happy Hanukkah. We'll see you back here next week.

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  1. I am glad to see a new arcade hunters episode. I can't wait for the next (mini) one.