Friday, December 4, 2009

An Interview with The Beast

You know, when I signed up for Twitter, I didn't expect much. Mostly people saying what they did a few minutes ago and crap like that. Nothing really cool. But I signed up for the Capcom Unity Twitter account and I saw a really kick ass interview the guys over at Eurogamer did with Diago Umehara, AKA The Beast. It's really cool getting to get the inside story of the greatest Street Fighter player to walk planet earth. He even goes into a lot of how he started and differences between Japanese arcades and American arcades. Not to mention how the whole Japanese arcade crowd is pretty pissed off at Capcom for not releasing Super Street Fighter IV in arcades.

EuroGamer Interview

Bonus Interview from Capcom on Daigo's Win at Season's Beatings IV

Now if you haven't been checking out our blog over on That Guy With The Glasses, or our Twitter posts, I'll let everybody know here now. Next week there will be a new episode of Arcade Hunters! It's been a long time and two computer crashes, but new stuff is slowly on the way! Not to mention tons of pinball reviews.

Speaking of pinball, Stern Pinball has just gotten in a new investor. It was reported on Arcade Heroes as well as Pinball News about this announcement, and you can read more about it on the links provided on the right. What's this mean for the future of pinball? New games NOT based off TV shows or movies? LCD score displays? Who knows what the future holds. Stern has also started a new YouTube channel and they've favorited the one factory tour I found years ago and they've added promo videos of Batman, Spider-Man, CSI and NBA. What's cool is our videos pop up on related, so hopefully more people will check em' out.

2600 might have a special Saturday update, so keep your eyes peeled. He also might be coming around my place this weekend and if we have time we might test the Livestream account out, so check back here on Saturday for the latest.

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