Monday, December 7, 2009

An Interview with Captain Kirk, owner of Castle Video!

Here is a great interview that got lost during one of my many full pc meltdowns causing me to lose EVERYTHING. Captain Kirk runs one of (if not the) best Pinball Arcade/Bookstore/Video Rental/Storage/etc. Yeah, he has everything, including one of the best Pinball Arcades EVER. Check out the interview and you can see his love and dedication to Pinball.

Nick and I have been going through (mainly based on memory) all the stuff we shot that has not yet been uploaded. I've been going through all of the old miniDV tapes to upload the stuff and finish up some of the undone video's. We have a busy schedule for Arcade Hunters this week as we prepare to upload a new ARCADE HUNTERS EPISODE! the new episode will be hitting the net this Friday. We have for Wednesday, the first episode of our podcast "Gabbin' with Arcade Hunters" scheduled to be uploaded. We don't have a podcast hosting site just yet, but we will be uploading the cast to Blip and posting it here on Wednesday. So check back and get ready for an all new episode come this Friday!

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