Friday, June 25, 2010

Viewer Submitted Videos!

Hey everybody, Nick here. For a while I have been getting PM's over on Youtube about people asking me if they could send me videos of an arcade near them to be featured on Arcade Hunters. We thought about this and now we're finally going through with it. Today I'm announcing viewer submitted videos on our site and over on our Youtube page.

As I said in the video, it's hard for us to go out to places to get videos with work and money issues, so we'd like to see what arcades are near you. Also, if you have a favorite arcade game or pinball machine that you might have a video review of, send us the link, we'd love to showcase it. I'm thinking about having the videos shown on here twice a week so we can keep stuff going on the site.

Don't worry about having to mention us. I know a couple of sites have it where you pretty much have to surrender everything in order for it to be viewed. Just send me the link to your video, YouTube or Blip and I'll post a direct link so you get all the hits. So send me your submissions and we look forward to showcasing more arcades and games here on the site!

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