Monday, November 29, 2010

Konami X-Men for XBLA and PSN Soon (Hopefully)!!!

Well, quarter 4 is here and we are still awaiting some more specific details on a release date for the X-Men arcade port. We at Arcade Hunters are beyond eager and excited for this release and will have a full review once the game is released. For the meantime, here is a rundown on what you can expect to get when the game finally releases:

  • Full 6 player support for online play- Based on the trailers and screenshots, you're getting the classic "double monitor" arcade cabinet version of the game. This could mean very little alterations to the aspect ratio, and having the game fill a full widescreen TV.

  • High Definition Visuals- The game looks like it is being tweaked a little, but not too much for newer TV's. The sprites are being kept in tack, but some "proprietary smoothing technology" is being used. Keep your fingers crossed that Konami doesn't blur up the tight pixel sprite edges.

  • Online Play- Konami is offering online "drop-in" multiplayer with this title as well as some host controls such as who can play, how many can play, starting level, and difficulty. The host can also give rowdy players the boot.

  • Leaderboards- The usual leaderboard standard is here with point scores and amount of continues taken into consideration when calculating the leader scores.

  • Multiple Difficulty Levels- So maybe you're a seasoned vet with this classic beat'em up. Konami is talking about including various difficulty levels to choose from.

  • Unlimited Continues- Konami dropped the ball with their Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles arcade port to XBLA by not allowing unlimited continues during a multiplayer game. Unlimited continues in a classic arcade beat'em up are a must for online play. This allows everyone to see the whole game, while also allowing the hardened beat'em up vets to work on one crediting the game. This is a much appreciated inclusion.

  • Same Cheesy Dialogue- Konami has said that, while they had to re record voices for the game, they kept the same script of dialogue. Classic cheese such as "Nothing moves the Blob," or "Welcome to Die!" are a must in this port.

  • Japanese Version!?!- Yes, the word on the street is that Konami is including the choice between the US and Japanese version of the games. The main differences between these two have to do with power ups and health items that enemies drop during gameplay and how you use your mutant powers. In the Japanese version when you go to use your mutant power, you use one of your orbs, not your life. The US version did the opposite with you using up your life first, then the orbs.

    Overall the game sounds like a great port. Virtually nothing can be changed due to the legal entanglement involved with this game. Thankfully Marvel, Konami, and Activision were able to come to an agreement for this release. The agreement being one that involves little to no changes to the original game. This agreement is one that should make all classic arcade gamers happy. The last thing we need to see is another attempt at a remake of a classic Konami beat'em up (ahem, Turtles in Time ahem). Check out the Trailer for the X-Men Arcade port below and keep checking back for more news and a full review once the game releases.

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