Friday, November 26, 2010

Black Friday Deals

Ah, the wonderful day after Thanksgiving is here once again, Black Friday is back and the deals are..INSANE!! Amazon has been doing their "Lightning Deals" where a few items will go on sale every hour plus they have a bunch of other games on sale. I picked up Tekken 6 and Need For Speed Hot Pursuit for under 60 bucks. While Need For Speed isn't an arcade game, it sure the hell is an arcade style racer in every way possible. If you watch the videos of the game in action it goes back to the roots of NFS where you can drive the hottest cars and try to out run the cops. But in this you can play as the police and give chase to the racers, in a little bit of Chase HQ and a little bit Lucky & Wild action. I can't wait to play it and run some speeders off the road.

Over on XBox Live they've got deals all weekend with some special deals today only. Today I picked up 'Splosion Man and it was one steal of a deal for the price. The other game to note on sale for under three bucks is Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles in Time Reshelled. We did a review of the game when it came out last year and if you'd like to relive the magic....

If you do decide to download the game, be sure you find and download the soundtrack to the arcade game. Since 2600 and I pre-recorded the video and this was when I was just starting the Arcade Home Port Reviews I missed out on saying a lot I wanted to cover with the game. The new remixed music in the game is terrible. Only a few stages have good music (Neon Night Riders being my favorite) but the rest of them just make the game feel so slow. The added eight way control makes the game easier (Not harder like other sites have suggested) and it's stupid that they didn't use the improvements to the controls that were made in the Super Nintendo version. Even on the harder difficulty settings the game is a breeze and you can finish it rather quickly.

Since it's only a few bucks it's well worth picking up. It's not as bad as other sites have tried to make it. I know a lot of other reviews to the game were really negative, but if your going to play it with a group of friends, online or off, check it out. It's a game meant to be played with friends.

Well, that's it for me, get out there and find yourself a deal! We'll be back next week with some new goodies! So stay tuned!

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